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    Gvo Navi Maps ( UWO-GPS )

    Shanks Le Roux
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    Gvo Navi Maps ( UWO-GPS ) Empty Gvo Navi Maps ( UWO-GPS )

    Post  Shanks Le Roux on Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:28 pm

    Hye guys !! Very Happy

    This is a must have maps for all members ! The Gvo Navi Maps ! Idea

    Gvo Navi Maps ( UWO-GPS ) 2gvo10

    Below is the example screenshot after u have done download it (minimize/window in-game mode)and put the Gvo Map beside it. If u can see there is red arrow with numbers showing that for :-

    1 > speed knot ( when ur ship moving, it shows how fast ur ship can sail, cool ha ! What a Face )

    2 > When u sail ur ship, the green cursor will move on the map with red line as a pointer direction guide ; but this u need to activate in-game surveying skill.

    3 > In-Game Surveying skill need to be activated so then it will syncronized with the Gvo maps to show u the directions.

    (if u cant see the full screenshot below, click it n u will be drag to full view, sorry will adjust it later ahahhaha )

    Gvo Navi Maps ( UWO-GPS ) 1gvo13

    Where to get it? Simple !! Just download this link below n see the magic! lol!


    1.) Open GVO navi
    2.) Activate Surveying skill ingame

    Enjoy Bebeh !! Very Happy

    p/s: - for new modern map here,download it and place in GVO NAVI folder rename it to Map2.Right click on GVO NAVI MAP and select Load maps to switch for modern map


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