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    Al-Obed Story Captain log


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    Al-Obed Story Captain log Empty Al-Obed Story Captain log

    Post  Al-Obed on Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:23 am

    Hello im Al-Obed and this is me
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 112312175336

    Ok so maybe i should tell who i really am i mean Before i change to ottoman
    and My Name to Al-Obed. I was a French player

    Al-Obed Story Captain log 42941734051500263773679

    i love french and even im ottoman now i still love them they are the most great
    Nation i have ever been(doesnt mean i didnt love ottoman i love them both).
    And this some old pics of me when im french Smile

    Al-Obed Story Captain log 39901940228406979416218
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 39274832295026106087728

    Ah yes and my old name is Azesezer(which means Aze=Azazel)

    im a Maritimer and an adventurer
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 39622234808736188050039
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 56428937754797226777285

    The most i love to do is battle. I always battle its in my heart . Killing guys sinking other people ship just make me Happy and fell kinda powerfull then them(when im actually not Razz) so here two pics of me sinking someone.

    Al-Obed Story Captain log 54932237711878897735721
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 42814310150673207051675

    Pirates. yes i love to be a Pirate. I was a pirate when im in french but im not a great pirate back then cause i dont have the skills to be a pirate lol! still my friend love me and support me to become one but i quit Razz XD so here some pics of me trying to delete my notoriety( Embarassed
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 65011354092124613357133

    This all happen Before the ottomans was in the game yet Smile i mean its already there but you cant defect to it yet Smile .

    Then Comes the ottoman Everyone was cheering and happy since this is what we all been waiting for. So begin New story of ottoman empire.
    Besides previous 6 nations; Spain, Portugal, England, France, The Netherlands, Venice, one new additional nation is introduce: The Ottoman. This newly emerged nation has the best military resources and being the biggest threat to the West European Nations. Voyagers at West European Areas now have the choice whether to stay with their original nation to fight against the Ottoman military or to make the defection to the new wave, the Ottoman. In order to make the defection, many qualifications are required to meet. When they succeed in defection, they will put into the situation that is totally opposite to now, being an opponent of Western Europe.
    Now, it is your decision to make. Choose to stay with your initially chosen nation, or to follow the new wave.
    Al-Obed Story Captain log Scrshot9
    Al-Obed Story Captain log Scrshot6
    Al-Obed Story Captain log Scrshot3
    Al-Obed Story Captain log Scrshot2y
    Its great isnt it?

    So i Choose TO DEFECT into Ottoman.Cause it just Great how to fell you the biggest threat in this game and everyone will look at you as Enemies Razz.
    And after days and days of Correspond and i manage to get it to Affection i was so happy and Defect to ottoman Smile.
    So here some pics after i defect to ottoman Razz
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 53330437853492883574318
    and some pics of me fishing in The algiers coast after defect Smile
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 56464837921047543485510
    After defection i get into alof of battle and i was in killing spree i was in my great battle days that i kill alot of people and they hate Razz and here is some pics who i manage to kill ^^ Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil

    Al-Obed Story Captain log 58200939237722745151351Al-Obed Story Captain log 30338010150944548476675Al-Obed Story Captain log 58148639331006069156319
    So after my name was so much in the air everyone was talking about me and was trying to kill me i decide to change my name to Al-Obed so people wont recognize me. So here it is my new name Before and after.
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 57667140607946941462296
    Ah and yes i was evil.
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 54051940624325939824319

    But even changing my name wont stop me of killing some other guys so i become more evil then before. Here some pics of me killing more guys.
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 55073542261451776111796Al-Obed Story Captain log 26919741886331480290420Al-Obed Story Captain log 19828442204168781840021Al-Obed Story Captain log 18236442714667730790131Al-Obed Story Captain log 30354842284408440482716Al-Obed Story Captain log 53631640691748933082021
    And then i Got a Great news my friend Capt.Richie and Red-haired-Shanks is defection to ottomans to (mostly because they like it but some of my friend i force them to defect lol! sucka) XD
    here the pics after they done defecting ^^
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 40501239566867045570282
    Im on the left shanks in the middle and richie on the right(his short)

    even my brother wants to be ottoman yes and he change his name To Al-bayezid
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 59955542342220101368212
    And I achive some Court ranks too here my pics in Court rank 19 and 21 ^^
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 54487939269239741999641
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 54290148174442184812611
    so that just it story of my life Smile who i was and where i learn everything ^^
    Now I have Created A new company Called BlackSailRevenant(BSR) and we gonna rule this world once again like my old company (name is Confidential ) XD So lets have fun ^^. And thank you for reading (if you have time Razz lol! )

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    Al-Obed Story Captain log Empty My new house

    Post  Al-Obed on Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:15 pm

    So Today i buy some NC cash and decide to change my House style to Islamic From india Style so i did it was great and i love it so here some pic of my Islamic
    stlye house ^^
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 120312200651
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 120312200734
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 120312200619Al-Obed Story Captain log 120312200814Al-Obed Story Captain log 120312200746

    Its great isnt it ^^ maybe you guys should try and do it ^^!!

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    Al-Obed Story Captain log Empty My new Ship

    Post  Al-Obed on Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:43 pm

    So Today i Made some new ship with improvement(so glad no fail) here the look
    and the status for this shiP Smile XD
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 120512023952Al-Obed Story Captain log 37236538Al-Obed Story Captain log 120512023947
    That my CHC

    and this my CTC(hope can 67 Tmrw) ^^
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 120512050612Al-Obed Story Captain log 120512050610Al-Obed Story Captain log 120512050650

    And this my ironsides (hope can 69 fast)
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 120512110723Al-Obed Story Captain log 120512110720Al-Obed Story Captain log 120512110725

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    Al-Obed Story Captain log Empty Thor Guardian quest

    Post  Al-Obed on Thu Dec 27, 2012 12:35 pm

    So yesterday i having fun do Thor guardian quest it is great here some pics
    and also my welcome melle works great 776 def XD

    Al-Obed Story Captain log 122612201903Al-Obed Story Captain log 122612202125Al-Obed Story Captain log 122612202127


    Al-Obed Story Captain log 122712171036

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    Al-Obed Story Captain log Empty New SHIP

    Post  Al-Obed on Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:40 am

    Ok so i have been busy lately and i was thinking why dont i start to be a pirate again so i build a new ship called
    TEAK IRONSIDE it is fast and dangerous so here some pics of the teak ironside

    Al-Obed Story Captain log 123012163354
    Al-Obed Story Captain log 123012163348

    and I did some ESF and get 1 court rank up to magistrate ^^

    Al-Obed Story Captain log 123012163357
    so im happy today and have a new spirit to go esf again XD

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    Al-Obed Story Captain log Empty Re: Al-Obed Story Captain log

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