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    Dungeon Gear


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    Dungeon Gear Empty Dungeon Gear

    Post  Kabos on Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:52 am

    I know that gear is a pretty big part of surviving and clearing dungeons and was just wanted to try to put together a nice list of equipment that could help the lower lvls progress to solo runs and eventually running other members faster.

    The Land Battle post goes into depth a little :
    4. Good equipments:
    4.1. It goes without saying that good equipments have a direct effect on land battles. For beginners, I would recommend a Cu Chulainn's bracelet accessory, Plate Armour(invest in Hamburg), Leather Boots and a good helmet, like a Morion Helmet(Spain or Venice, you can ask for a fellow friend to buy you 1 or 2). For weapon, I recommend a Sabre(Athens). In short, there are great equips for starters. Depending on the players capabilities, he/she could use better weapons, like the Alexanders sword, Iron helmets, etc.

    But a little more detailed list would be awesome. Right now iv'e acquired:
    --Gold Plated Armour (made by casting R15 or bought in comp stores for a few mil)
    100 durability 70 def 0 attck +2 guard +1 leadership requires battle-type
    --Plate Armour (Made from casting R10 or can be bought in Genoa for 300k after 800k investment)
    50 durability 50 def 0 attck +2 guard requires battle-type
    --Close Helm (Made by casting R11 or bought in comp stores for around 700k - 1mil+)
    70 durability 35 def 0 attck +1 guard requires battle-type
    --Long Ji (Found San Domingo mid floor or bought in comp stores for 2-7mil)
    30 durability 3 def 60 attck +2 guard +2 swordplay

    Currently grinding casting and able to make normal plate armour and close helms for any1 who may need some. Plz add any better equipment that an aspiring dungeon runner can grab at a decent price.

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    Dungeon Gear Empty Re: Dungeon Gear

    Post  CaptRichie on Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:13 pm


    handicraft r10-r11.

    with this u can get 100 defense boot


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