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    Adventure Power Leveling guide


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    Adventure Power Leveling guide

    Post  Al-Obed on Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:25 pm

    Yes Adventure is slow and tough so here is some guide how to powerleveling Exp around 2-4k each
    round ^^
    This Quest need Pre Discovery of :
    Pyramid of Giza (quest can get at Tunis/Istanbul/Genoa/Marseille) required 1 recog 2 theo and arabic.

    Ok To start leveling first you must have this skills and rank
    R9 Search
    R11 Theo
    R9 archeo
    R9 Unlock
    R3 recog
    r5 Geo
    Arabic Language(for more Comfortable Run)
    20k Fame
    And alot of inventory space for maps..

    First Go To istanbul and take map and Quest the quest are:

    if you have high Cultural contribution points you can use the point to get 2 quest in a row(its faster and better) after you got the quest go to Archives and talk to the scholar and take the College research Nat.Science/Humanity 1(Basic building 1) just like in this picture Smile

    This research required 3 discovery rank 1 and give you 3xx exp and 2xx fame(if im not wrong but i get 4xx exp cause 30% exp up Smile
    After you got the research Read Archeology book and get At least 1 or 2 map (4 max) the map are:

    The Ancient tools map you can get at Alexandria too.

    After you got all the map head to Alexandria and do the quest there .You only have talk to the scholar and read theo book(once) but if you have the Talisman Quest with you talk to shopkeeper first then scholar.After you done that,Read Archeo books and you will get 4 map or 3(If you arleady get the ancient tools map r1 from istanbul) the map are:

    Then you Go giza and Discover all the map and Quest (there will be 5 maps and 2 quest ) = 3 map will be inside giza other 2 is just in cairo.
    after you done all the quest and maps your research will be done and after done report it to Alexandria Archives and report the Aos Quest too in Alexandria Barkeeper

    After Done this research you take a new and same Research again

    Then you get quest to reset the AOS and for some extra exp the quest are :

    Both are the same but i prefer you to take Recog r2 and Geo r4 quest since it discover near istanbul here some pics of the discover:

    after you get this quest and before you discover them you go to Turkey West Coast to do 2 Maps(we get from istanbul/alexandria here some Pic where Turkey west coast is

    After you done this 2 Maps you do the Geo quest ^^ and then you can report the 2 geo quest in istanbul :

    after reporting you Get the Aos Quest again

    and then Go to Rossana Estate here a map where the house is

    and the report your Archeology discovery will be 7

    this will give extra fame and QMPS
    After you done report Go to Scholar and report the research and Get a New Research

    and there you have it 1 Complete Round of AOS grind easy isnt it? just Fucking boring so Have fun ^^

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