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    Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs


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    Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs Empty Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs

    Post  Elijah_Rose on Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:55 am

    pirat Hi guys!! so friend needed help with knowing what Finesse Rank was and how it works with techs.. and I might as well throw in forte points, I know something's going to be missing, so if you want to tell me or edit your self, go for it..study study study

    @ @ @ @ @ Forte Points @ @ @ @ @ 

    "Forte points- This means you must have favorite weapons. For each 25 forte points, your attack raises 1 points, reaching the max in 1000. The forte points raises faster depending on the strength of the enemy. It also bottlenecks if the npc's lvl is too low. You can have 5 favorite weapons. If you use another when when the list is filled, it will go in place of the one with less forte points. It can be checked on "Equipment"-> "Weapon Discipline".

    Observation: The maritime levels affect both defense/offense. (not sure, but I think its 1 def and 2 attack for each level)."

    Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs 63srh3

    @@@@@Finesse Rank @@@@@

    Finesse Rank- is Requirement for Rank2 and above techs, and also another Requirement depending on the weapon u have is a skill that pertains to that weapon.

    Skills that pertain to the weapon you use, that will be a requirement for a rank2 tech or above:

    1. Sword/spear/axe = Swordplay/Sword mastery
    2. Knifes = Swordplay/Throwing
    3. Bows = Swordplay/Sniping
    4 Guns = Gunfire/Sniping

    study scratch pirat scratch study 

    Finesse Rank- Finesse Rank is like battle levels of your weapon. There are 3:

    Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs 2w6rklz

    @@@@@Techs @@@@@

    Techs- Special moves that are done with your weapon. Each tech is different, each one is either a Power(red)/Quick(blue)/Feint(yellow).. When you use a weapon tech, at the end of the battle it gives proficiency/exp to the Finesse rank that it pertains too.. The best way to rank your Finesse is to have 1 power tech, 1 quick tech, 1 feint tech only active. maybe original master tech too.
    Below I will put some rank1 techs and rank2 techs.(I am a spear based fighter, but its same with sword techs)

    @@@@@ Power(red)Techs @@@@@

    Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs 167qb01

    Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs 2j14f8j

    @@@@@ Quick(blue)Techs @@@@@

    Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs 29ctoc6
    (I don't know why, but it wouldn't show correctly)
    Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs Qrjluu

    @@@@@ Feint(yellow)Techs @@@@@

    Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs Wwawsw

    Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs 293yf78

    Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs 2ppfy37

    @@@@@ Original Master Tech @@@@@

    Original Master Tech- This Tech is made by you, paid for by Roman Coins. Roman Coins can be received by doing coliseum fights or by fighting npc's in landing points.
    First go to Character->Techs->then you'll see tabs on the top, with "acquired, adventure, trade, battle, original"-> click "original".

    Finesse Rank/Forte Points/Weapon Techs 291dir8

    study scratch pirat scratch study 

    Making Original Master Tech-The great thing bout making your own Tech is that you can combine: Trap Techs/Merchant Techs/Weapon Techs. As you can see on the picture above, I have made mine out of rank2 techs. If you look at the above picture, you can see "create", "discard". you can discard your tech, to create a new one combined with new/old techs you have.. To create one, just click "create" and choose the Techs to combine.

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