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    Elijah_Rose -Journey To Becoming A Pirate Lord-


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    Elijah_Rose -Journey To Becoming A Pirate Lord-

    Post  Elijah_Rose on Tue Jul 23, 2013 12:01 pm

    Hi guys, So my beginning starts with being a French Man, With a simple dream of getting some ducats together and sailing the seas.

    I had no ducats to even buy goods/ship/home. so I did what every good sailor does, I went to the Maritime School, of course I knew it all already. but I heard rumors that the school took in sailors and gave them ducats and a ship as graduation present. Cool pirat 

    study scratch pirat scratch study 

    After I graduated, I went to the Merchant Guild to look for work.

    study scratch pirat scratch study 

    So for a while I delivered some barrels/crates/items for some nobles/clients that the Merchant Guild gave me.

    study scratch pirat scratch study 

    After a while, from taking jobs from the Merchant Guild. I picked up a few things along the way.. Trade Routes

    So I hired some sailors and got some goods from the market and headed from Marseilles->Montpellier->Barcelona and sold the goods in Algiers.
    It was a simple Captain's life.

    pirat Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Angeal Evil or Very Mad  Twisted Evil pirat 

    One day in town, I met this man named Angeal, a pirate..
    He oppend my eyes to a whole new world..

    jocolor afro Like a Star @ heaven Seville Like a Star @ heaven afro jocolor 

    So Angeal took me to Seville and told me how it was a market, etc..

    Twisted Evil Twisted Evil pirat BlackSailRevenant pirat  Twisted Evil Twisted Evil 

    Angeal had convinced me to join his Pirate Company!!!

    Twisted Evil Twisted Evil pirat GaiN pirat Twisted Evil Twisted Evil 

    soon after I joined, I met GaiN.. he took me to one of the best dungeons to rank my trade to 52 so I could get my beauty Trading Clipper!!

    afro scratch study Whitecrow study scratch afro 

    So a bit after that, I met Whitecrow and old player coming back after some time gone. he thought me a bit bout Adventure, and got me some dungeons too.

    (One day, Whitecrow just stopped getting on.)

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    Re: Elijah_Rose -Journey To Becoming A Pirate Lord-

    Post  Elijah_Rose on Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:14 am

    studyafro pirat afro study 
    So with nothing to do, I just went and fought every npc pirat 

    study afro queen afro study 

    Then I got my circumnavigation mission from the weird guy in Seville. My Mission was to travel the world, of course I had no doubt in my mind, I knew I could do it lol

    So There I was a Handsome Captain ready to travel around the world hahaha.. when a sailor comes up and tells me a young lady is wanting to meet with me at the docks.. of course me being a gentlemen I knew I had to meet her and see what she wanted... Cool 

    Crying or Very sad well she was young hahaha, so for a second I thought about throwing the sailor overboard pirat  anyways so the girl tells me she needs a favor and that she would reward me.. she wanted to go to manila, so I took her since im heading there too and was nice to have a lady's presence on the ship..
    so we set off haha

    lol! afro pirat afro lol! 

    So after a few stops in Africa we headed to America Cool 
    The Girl stared into the ocean the whole way, weird right lolz she barely took a sip of her rum hahaha pirat 

    Cool scratch Shocked scratch Cool 

    So I arriving here she told me bout her father and how some ppl were following her and she needed to find a diary Evil or Very Mad 
    I know what your thinking "trow her overboard with the sharks!!"
    but, I had this gut feeling to keep her on board, she might come in handy

    Twisted Evil Cool lol! Tavern Times lol! Cool Twisted Evil 
    !!!!!OH YEAH!!!!!

    jocolor study Sleep South America->Manilla Sleep study jocolor 
    So i took off!!

    affraid scratch confused Supplies confused scratch affraid 

    pirat The Seas were ruff, and we find out that our supplies were infested with ma-gets and such Evil or Very Mad 

    pirat Twisted Evil king Twisted Evil pirat 

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