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    Change Nation(defect)


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    Change Nation(defect) Empty Change Nation(defect)

    Post  CaptRichie on Sun Dec 02, 2012 9:17 pm

    1. From big nation to small nation (eg Spain to France)
    u need minimum 20k fame (having enmity and above toward spain)
    **U will lose 5000 fame, hostile (+80 pt) to your origin, will not gain notoriety

    2. From small nation to big nation (eg France to Spain)
    u need minimum 200k fame (having good relationship toward Spain)
    **U will lose 50k fame, hostile (+100 pt) to your origin, gain 5k notoriety

    3. From any nation to ottoman
    - u need minimum 200k fame
    - relation (Ottoman Turks Communication) at the highest level
    - 5th knight and above
    - must have panama, suez canal permit (well, all permit)
    - 10M ducat for tax

    4. From ottoman to any nation
    - notoriety less than 1000
    - have 200 PA
    **once change, u gain 5000 notoriety and reduce 50k fame
    **U will lose 50k fame, hostile (+100 pt) to your origin. When u gain 8000 notoriety, hostile relationship will remain until notoriety decrease

    There are total 9 level in relation, level 5 is the neutral
    1 is the best, 5 neutral, 9 worst (example indicator)
    ** From 5 to 2, (A grade aide, u need 133 time to achieve, while S grade aide, require 80-90 time)
    ** Able to use communication once per 10 min, not include anchor. Only actual sail days.

    The fastest way is buy NC.

    The normal way:
    1) Get aide with the communication skill (depend which nation u want to have good relation)
    2) Talk to the nation fleet via aide (note: u can only talk to the fleet via aide every 10min+ SAIL days)
    3) repeat the process till u get good relation (Note: for good relation, from rank 1 to 4, assume 1 is after neutral, u need to be at least R3 good relationship, est around 800 communication)

    For enmity, kill your nation fleet NPC. U will gradually build up the hostile relation


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