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    • Once u have the minimum requirement:For adventure, go to LISBON, find the adventurer niece (at the high land of lisbon; if u have done the portugese story quest (chap 1), the place where u catch the thief). u need to do 5 adventure quest which the niece will list to u.

    • Eziteke Night God (city: portobelo; skill require: R6 search; r8 theology; r6 unlock, quest difficulty: R7)

    • Northern Lights raindrops (city: portobelo; skill require: R6 search; r8 jewel appraisal; r6 unlock, quest difficulty: R7)

    • Civilization without water(city: lisbon/seville/london/asterdam; skill require: R5 recognition; r7 archaelogy; maya language, quest difficulty: R8)

    • Channel (city: seville; skill require: R9 recognition; r11 geology; spanish language, quest difficulty: R9)

    • Bird standing on the water (city: rio de janeiro; skill require: R4 ecology; r7 biology; maya language, quest difficulty: R5)**All 5 quest must be done to unlock level 65 restriction

    • For Merchant: go to CALICUT, talke to the rich merchant (square), follow by his wife (near english consul)After all the boring talk, buy item and quest complete.Jade Ring: (get at carribean cities, the city devt must be at least 24k + investment,ring cost 7M)Turquoise Brooch (get at homuz, investment to unlock,ring cost 6M)Amber Hairpin (get at riga, investment to unlock,ring cost 5M)Agate Earring (get at jamaica, investment to unlock,ring cost 4M)Diamond Necklace (get at cape town, investment to unlock,ring cost 11M)Total ducat to spend on the greedy wife: 33M

    • For Maritime, go to MARSEILLE, talk to the officer at the shipyardAfter that, go to SANTO DOMINGO, talk to the people at the squareAnd go to the east of PORTOBELO engage your enemysunk the enemy, back to SANTO DOMINGO, continue with the conservation at the square2 more battle at North of HABANABack to SANTO DOMINGO, continue with the conservation at the squareOnce all done, back to MARSEILLE report to the officer


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