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    Avoiding pirates


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    Avoiding pirates Empty Avoiding pirates

    Post  CaptRichie on Sun Dec 02, 2012 9:37 pm

    Almost every possible step for avoiding a pirate:

    1. Take an unusual route. Many players will come to Ambon or other locations from a certain direction which most pirates know. Avoid going around Capetown from coordinates 6150-6200. Altering your path just a little can cause us serious problem when finding you.

    2. If you do happen to see a pirate gaining on you then it is logical to turn till they are directly behind you. This will give you the most amount of time before they catch you. Hopefully that will get you the 15 seconds needed to log out. Do not panic and close your page or turn off your router.

    3. If a pirate is coming at you head on and you have considerable speed. Turn to face him directly and sail straight through him. It is very difficult for a pirate to double click on a fast moving ship and then click engage. Also a pirate cannot engage you if you are too close. The pirate in question will need extremely accurate hands, fast reaction, and a good connection to catch you. Beware that if he has good turn speed and does a 180 sending you both in the same direction you should do a 180 yourself and visit step 2.

    4. If a pirate manages to engage you then it is almost useless to have request reinforcements unless you planned it all with friendly marines nearby. Your best scenario would be if you have 'tribute good for individuals (large ships)' even so. Hold onto these for a little while to see if a pirate will even get you. Beware they cannot be used if you are in melee.

    5. The escape skill is useless as it will have the melee affect of disorder if grappled by a pirate. Also any shot will be critical, generally causing leaks, sail damage or rudder issues which are all harmful to your speed. If you do use it then make sure to remove it before being grappled.

    6. Bringing decent level mines will cause the enemy pirate to choose to swerve or be sunk. Also most merchant vessels, even at the minimum cannons are able to equip a stern carronade. The stern carronade can be fired with the same munitions used for mines and a single critical hit on any ships' bow will greatly reduce his speed.

    7. Try not to expose your rear to the pirate, many pirates these days have bow angels. Bow angels fire chain shot which will cause rudder damage and almost bring you to a complete stop.

    8. Instead of getting the escape skill I highly suggest getting guard. The guard skill will greatly reduce the number of loss crew members in melee. Giving your admiral enough time to retreat and end the battle.

    9. I don't care what situation or profession you're in. Unless you are leveling survival, you should have water aboard your vessel. Use this water on surgery for grappled fleet members. This will give the admiral enough time to retreat and end the battle. This tactic is even more effective with guard.

    10. Miser chains will increase your storage level by 5. This will generally ensure your sails be saved. Also have decoys such as 1 of several different types of fish. This will protect your spices, gems, or other goods from being plundered.

    11. If a pirate does plunder you then don't get mad. Whenever a player gets mad at me it always motivates me to hunt them more and less mercifully. Generally saying a word or asking if you are free to go will yield better results.

    12. If you have escaped a player pirate without being plundered and he is following you then log off. Otherwise he is waiting for your protection to detiorate and have another chance.

    13. Bring withdrawal bells. Watch out for a message of obstruction. If you receive one it means that the pirate's aide is blocking that type of item and you must resort to fighting or normal retreat.

    Useful facts

    1. If your admiral is not plundered then you have about 1 minute before your protection (green flag) ends.
    2. If your admiral is plundered then you have about 10 minutes before your protection flag ends.
    3. If you log off, enter battle, or enter a port then your protection will end.
    4. If anyone in your fleet does not have a green flag (protection) then he can be engaged, drawing every other member of that fleet into battle as well.
    5. If the fleet admiral or anyone else has a blue flag then protection applies to that person only.
    6. If your admiral is plundered in lawless waters you will only have 1 minute before your protection ends.
    7. Tribute goods for individuals will not work in lawless waters.
    8. Miser chains work even when in melee.

    Basic Knowledge
    #1 Pirates
    Orange name players are either privateer (who only robs other nation's ships) or exile to stronger nation
    Red name players are pirates (who robs anyone regardless of nationality)
    Some pirates says "Im not a pirate" in ther status, but you better not trust anyone with red and orange name

    #2 Safe Area
    There are safe places near "Landing point" or any ports. Your character name will be displayed green when in these areas.

    #3 15 seconds safety
    When you get in to another sea or after battle with any npcs or players, your character name blink for 15 seconds, this is the moment when you should log out if pirates are near you.

    #4 Green flag
    Green flag next to your character name means you cannot get assailed when the green flag is on.
    Green flag is displayed One Minute when you ran away from pirates
    Ten minutes when you get robbed pirates and used rescue skill or life savers
    If pirates are still near you for second attack, you better to choose log out

    Preparing for pirates, and right ways to deal pirate when asssailed
    1. Scroll your mouse around 360 digree to see if any pirates are coming
    2. Use Lookout Skill to see name of players at further distance

    3. Go to System - Setting - Change graphic display setting and change your
    Sea view option to Wide
    Sea visibility option to Far

    4. Use Search option
    Community - Search (Z key in keyboard) to see if any pirates are in your area.

    5. Open Bazzar or Recruiting while sailing.
    Some pirates get tricked by Bazzar and Recruiting, and miss the battle button

    6. System - Setting - In game display setting and change
    Battle Spectators option to Show from Hide.
    You can see if any pirates are waiting for your battle ends with npcs while in battle
    If you see any kind of galleys or ships sailing around your battle field, stop firing cannons with Npc until the pirate go away.
    (Some(Most actually) pirates are really stupid that they use skull crest on turkish galley just for good looking. you can use this crest to recognize the guy sailing next to you is either pirate or other player.

    7. Bring Retreat bells with you and maximize your sailors' abilites.
    You will more likely to retreat from melee battle

    8. Bring Misers' chain and train storage skills
    Some pirates (except for real strong players) trained their maritime with gunnery and have low rank melee skills. so as their plunder skill.
    You can prevent getting looted completely by having more than twice rank of your storage then pirates.
    Misers' chain increase your storage rank for 5 in 30 seconds.

    9. Sail with low ship durability
    Most pirates with brain use bow cannon to deal critical shot to make your ship stop. If you sail with low durability, you can get wrecked by even bow cannons. you better get wrecked rather than meleed and get robbed.

    10. When in battle, dont sail straight away from pirates like shown below
    [ pirate ship)> [your ship)>
    The reason is, you can possibly get critical shot by their bow cannons. Your ship always stop when you get crits from pirate
    You should sail slantly from pirates to retreat safely.

    11. Log out
    The easiest, and safest method to run away from pirates. go to System - Shortcut and
    Set your F1 shortcut as change character.You would be able to log out much quickly

    12. Stern Cannon
    Little harder than other, but possible to try.
    When pirate is chasing you in battle right after you, deal crits to pirate with your stern cannon

    13. Blocklist option
    Pirates use search option too.
    You can avoid being detected by pirates by adding pirates name on your block list.
    Players with red or orange name cannot avoid being detected by adding block list

    Running away from pirates
    You dont need to feel humiliation just because you ran away from pirates

    #1. Attack Npcs
    1) Attack Npcs and retreat toward safe area near any landing points or ports
    2) Attack Npcs and get wrecked by cannons. More likely to reduce loss than robbed by pirates
    #2. Train your Melee and bringLoudbomb or White smoke bomb
    Whitebomb decrease pirates' att by 20%
    Loudbomb decrease pirates' att and def by 10% each and disorder.
    #3. Use galleys and train rowing skill
    This is not required for merchant since galleys require many sailors but for adventurer.
    You can stand to pirates during melee battle due to many sailors and can use row skill to run away from them.
    If your melee skills are good enough and lucky, you might be able to fight pirate while he or she is in disorder.
    #4. Mine laying
    Its always good to have mine rank at least 10. Mine laying is one of the fastest skills to train and deal good damage. (about 200 when R10). You might be able to sink pirates down and give them little skull next to thier character name (pirates cannot attack other people when they have skulls on thier head). Besides, its always good to have some bounty.

    Rob pirates
    This kinda sounds like nonsense but if you have enough Pillage orders, you can use them to rob pirates' good equipments, cannons and etc during melee battle.



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